The starry vaporizer is a portable conduction vaporizer that performs excellently well and also retails at a very reasonable price tag. The starry vaporizer combines good build quality, high performance with good price all in one device, making it one of the most versatile portables in the industry today. Boundless vaporizers pieces on the other hand are wonderfully crafted with good quality and high components which gives them the unique name they have in the industry today. Boundless vaporizers are also known to be very cheap and affordable but this does not in any way undermine its performance levels. There are over 7 boundless vaporizers in the arsenal of the boundless technology and in this article we would be comparing the starry vaporizer with the boundless CF vaporizer which is the first and one of boundless’s prided pieces.           

Portability Size and Build quality

The boundless CF incorporated plastic in its design unlike other vaporizers but it still gives a good feel of quality when held. The CF weighs about 142grams which is a little above the average size of a standard portable vaporizer. The starry vaporizer on the other hand is much more portable than the CF and it is small enough to be concealed in the palms, giving users a good discretion and more grip. The overall buildup of both units are commendable but in terms of portability, the starry slayed it.

Battery life

The battery life of the CF vaporizer is not replaceable and has a capacity of 1300mAh, and can be charged via a USB cable. The CF li-ion battery boasts of 10 vaping sessions of 5 minutes each when charged to full capacity and sometimes even more. The starry vaporizer is something else when it comes to battery life, it renders users up to 1 hour 30 min usage time when on full charge which is definitely ok for most persons. The starry again slayed it on this one.

Temperature flexibility

Both the starry and the boundless CF have flexible temperature options but that of the starry can easily be adjusted by a one degree increase which makes the unit more precise in temperature control but the fact that you have to always watch out for very high temperatures makes the starry a scary vapor piece.

Vapor quality

The vapor quality of the boundless CF is a plus to the boundless technologies. The taste and quality of the vapor produced by the CF is considerably higher than any vaporizer within its price range. The combination of the two heating methods that is conduction and convection is responsible for the quality vapor and satisfying cloud formed by the CF. twisting the mouth piece ensures a smooth draw when vaping with the CF. Without the twist, the draw resistance is likely higher which is not actually pleasant. The vapor quality of the starry vaporizer is good and tells a lot of the good manufacturing quality because at the sight of the starry, you would be sure nothing can go wrong. The flavor produced is smooth and visible and as you increase the temperature, the hits get harsher and cloudier. The CF slayed it on this one because the starry vaporizer puts your herbs on the risk of combustion especially at a very high temperature.

Overall, it is evident that boundless vaporizers are loaded in terms of functions and performance level, but the starry proved itself more worthy than them for this comparison session. Maybe the boundless would try harder next time.